Colt McClelland, JD


Colt McClelland is a co-founder and Principal of the Legacy Settlements Group. He is an attorney, licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Kansas, and a licensed life insurance agent.

Colt began his legal career in Kansas City with the law firm of Polsinelli, Shalton and Welte. During his time with the Polsinelli law firm, he concentrated his practice in the areas of insurance, finance and tax law. Subsequent to his time with the Polsinelli firm, Colt became a financial planner and managed investment portfolios for individuals.

As co-founder of Legacy Settlements Group, Colt has over a decade of experience in the design, installation and ongoing service of structured settlement benefits. He has extensive knowledge about the complex financing, trust and integration of benefits issues that are often critical in reaching a settlement. He is a frequent speaker on topics relating to structured settlements as well as tax planning issues related to litigation payments and recoveries.

A native of Kansas City, Colt graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He then received his law degree from the University of Kansas School of Law where he was Associate Editor of the Kansas Law Review.